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           ADVANTAGE PRO - Has the standard base of 15 3/8 "wide. The Advange Pro does not come with production stops and squaring arm.

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When purchasing any of these mat cutters don't forget to buy extra blades.  The mat cutters come with some blades (usually 5), however, now is the time to buy them because always has the right price and they will be packaged with your order ~ saving you additional shipping cost.

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Click on a number for details.


C+H Advantage PRO mat cutters are the culmination of the C+H philosophy of quality, precision, and ease of use. The pinnacle of professional performance and innovation. The answer to all of the challenges your craft offers. C+H Advantage PRO mat cutters are your step up to the next level of craftsmanship.
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Back to Top  One-Point Adjustment  
The uniquely designed mat guide features a large single knob that allows you to make fast and reliable adjustments for any size mat.
Back to Top  Easy-to-Adjust Measurements
The fully integrated mat guide has two calibrated rulers for quick adjustments. Simply lock down and cut.
Back to Top  Heavy-Duty Precision Steel Rod
Engineered to eliminate unwanted movements that can cause bowed cuts. Long-life finish in nickel plate.
Back to Top  Heavy-Duty Hinges
Hinges made from heavy-duty steel for unequaled durability. Low-profile hinge prevents reverse bow of bar and rod.
Back to Top  High-Strength Handle
Tubular steel with hard finish for long lasting performance and appearance.
Back to Top  Heavy-Duty Baseboard
Laminate surface for incredible durability. Baseboard will not flex, bend, or oxidize.
Back to Top  Auto-Repeat V-Groove
V-groove increments are marked on the mat guide ruler, allowing you to locate the V-groove width that you prefer, every time.
Back to Top  Blade Holders
Designed for ease of use and visibility
Bevel Blade-Steel baseplate construction permits extra blade holding power to virtually eliminate hooked corners. Blade cuts so close to the bar/rod that precision line-of-sight cutting is guaranteed. Calibrated window provides gauges for setting and repeating different blade depth when cutting different thicknesses. Overcut indicator provides references for starting and finishing cut when using pencil lines and cutting without stops. Finger rest ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue. Transforms pushdown effort at blade tip into pulling motion for easier cutting. Blades can be changed quickly and easily, so there are no cartridges to lose. Blade depth can be adjusted without removing the blade.
Straight Blade-Safety Blade Lock locks straight side blade in position to prevent accidental exit. Patented Lock-Pin locks straight side blade in cutting position and is spring-loaded for easy release.
Back to Top  Patented Slide Block
Precision-machined black Duraslide finish for extreme durability. Patented slide block adjustment for close fit, smooth pull and straight cuts. Rulon bearing surface for easy glide. Replaceable Oilite bushings.


Back to Top  Durable Squaring Arm
Provides added rigidity and stability so board remains square when sizing down. Available in 36" or 48".
Back to Top  New Measuring Stops
Top Measuring Stop-Fastened directly onto the head assembly, eliminating the need to move it back and forth, increasing the speed and accuracy of the cut.
Bottom Measuring Stop-Ratchet handle and brass clamp improve clamping ability, eliminating slippage.


  C+H-M40 PRO C+H-M48 PRO C+H-M60 PRO
Overall Length 46 1/2" 54 1/2" 66 1/2"
Overall Width 15 3/8" 15 3/8" 15 3/8"
Board Capacity 41 1/2" 49 1/2" 61 1/2"
Cutting Capacity 40" 48" 60"
List Price Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued


C+H-M48 PRO Plus - Discontinued C+H-M60 PRO Plus
Overall Length 54 1/2" 66 1/2"
Overall Width 19 1/2" 19 1/2"
Board Capacity 49 1/2" 61 1/2"
Cutting Capacity 48" 60"
Squaring Arm 36" 36"
Measuring Stops Included Included
List Price $1920.56 PRICE


This must be shipped via motor freight. Please call for shipping cost.


This must be shipped via motor freight. Please call for shipping cost.


Cutting tools included with all cutters: 10 - #1200 Blades
10 - #1500 Blades

10 - #1200SE Blades

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