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           Easel Backs

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Quality Easel Backs featuring Vertical or Horizontal Hangers (Not Shown), Black Velour backing and made of calipers/thickness of .80.

Easels Quantity of 12 Quantity of 100
5x7 $12.96 ($1.08 ea.)

$97.00 ($.97 ea.)





$20.16 ($1.68 ea.)




$27.24 ($2.27ea.)

$189.00 ($1.89 ea.)




Quality Easel Backs ,featuring Vertical or Horizontal Hangers with Black Velour backing and made of thickness of .80.

The 3.5x5 have hardware for just vertical hanging placement.

These are great prices below!


Easels Quantity of 12   Quantity of 100
3.5x5 $3.24 ($.27 ea.)

 $23.00 ($.23 ea)

Easel Backs  Self-Stick ... Easy Display for Creative Projects. White, single wing easels are attractive, sturdy and easy to use. Application is fast, simply peel and stick. No messy glue. 25 Per package

Easels   List Price Price
3" Lin-328-1233 $7.62 $3.89




Wire frame easel for 8 x 10 Images gold color FU4739/4020    $1.29 Each




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