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    Eubank Frames adjustable frameless clip mounting system.


There are three types of frameless frames. 

A.  Aluminum Clips

B.  Uni*Frame (Two sizes)

C.  Eubank Frame (Stainless Steel)


Aluminum Clips

     framingsupplies price $6.25 each set


Aluminum Clips are designed for pictures with top or side dimensions that range from 8" to 20". The soft aluminum alloy that is used is much softer than glass and under normal use it will not chip the glass. Clip opening is .280" (slightly over 1/4")

The aluminum is turned on edge so that its thinnest dimension is presented to the viewer. This frame has an ultra-thin profile that gives an extraordinary  look.

This frame also provides a hanging system which allows your artwork to hang away from the wall, enhancing its minimal look. 

Aluminum Clips Assembly Instructions




The Uni•Frame 20 is designed for prints with top or side dimensions that range from about 10" to 20". Clip opening is .270" (slightly over 1/4"). It is made from a sturdy, flexible plastic that performs better than anything else we have tested. Uni•Frame is a sophisticated, yet economical framing system which holds all four sides of the print equidistant from the wall.  

       framingsupplies price $6.25

The Uni•Frame 40 is designed for prints with top or side dimensions that range from 16" to 40". Clip opening is .325" (slightly over 5/16"). For poster-size art that is to be displayed with a tight schedule and a tight budget, the Uni•Frame 40 is a handy solution. The Uni•Frame 20 and 40 are designed for displaying artwork in a sophisticated, frameless style.

     framingsupplies price $9.10


Uni Frame Assembly Instructions



Eubank Frame (Stainless Steel)

     framingsupplies price $9.70

The Eubank Frame is designed for prints and posters with top and side dimensions that range from 16" to 40". Clip opening is .325" (slightly over 5/16").

It is crafted from eight mirror finish stainless steel straps that are joined together with nylon bolts that won’t deface the wall. The frame is held in place with a patented stringing system of strong picture framing wire.

The Eubank Frame (stainless steel) is an elegant resolution for the display of any artwork that requires an added touch of texture offered by the mirror finish in a very subtle manner. This timeless design remains a classic after many years.

Eubank Frame Assembly Instructions

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