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Fletcher 2200 48" Mat Cutting System

framingsupplies Price $1437.00

$1743.00 List Price

To view a brochure on the Fletcher 2200 mat cutter Click here

Fletcher 2200 mat cutter

The exclusive removable blade magazine makes changing blades21mag.jpg (4397 bytes) quick and easy. An adjustment screw allows you to adjust the blade depth to mat board thickness. Guide markings let you start/stop right on your mark to help eliminate over cuts and undercuts. Both the bevel and straight cutting utilize a magazine.


A pin locator system makes it easy to accurately 21locpin.jpg (7522 bytes)repeat mat borders and liner mats of common widths from 1 1/2" (3.8cm) to 5" (12.7cm), in half inch increments. The mat gauge lets you cut liner mats automatically by extending mat widths to 1/8" (3mm), 3/16" (5mm), 1/4" (6mm) and 5/16" (8mm).


Our ergonomically designed cutting head and large 21head1.jpg (11411 bytes)finger pad provide maximum comfort and control. The patented three roller bearing system allows the head to glide effortlessly along the clamp bar. Includes both bevel cutting and straight cutting features.



Heavy duty anodized base that will not warp.Two Delran bushings fit the head to the chrome plated shaft preventing side sway and hooking. Easy to use squaring blocks allow you to adjust the mat guide parallel to the cut.Owner's manual included. 1 year warranty 



Base Plate Option:21base.JPG (4886 bytes)

Doubles the width of the base work space (17.5"). Includes longer Mat Guide Slide and Upper Measuring Stop with extended scales. Will permit setting the mat borders on larger multiple opening mats.


Measuring Stop Option: 21meas.jpg (7803 bytes)

Will save time by eliminating the need to draw border lines. Over cuts and undercuts are controlled mat after mat. Repetitive cutting of the same mat dimensions is speeded up by the use of measuring stops. 


Clamp Lifter Option:21lifter.jpg (4676 bytes)
The clamp lifters hold the clamp bar off the mat so you can use both hands to position the mat. When ready to cut, push the mat clamp down and the unique spring design over rides  the lifting feature.


Right Support Arm Option:Fletcher 2200 mat cutter

The right support arm provides support for very large mats. It contains a scale for sizing to smaller mats with straight cut edges. A measuring stop is provided for repetitive sizing of the same dimensions.


Mat Cutters

FL-04-681 $1743.00 $1437.00 48" Mat Cutting Capacity



$1648.00 60" Mat Cutting Capacity









Mat Cutting Blades  (100 blades per box)

FL-05-012 $22.00 $19.50 Super Keen .012" Mat Blades
(100 blades per box)
FL-05-015 $22.00 $19.50 Super Keen .015" Mat Blades
(100 blades per box)


Optional Accessories

FL-04-629 $316.95 $285.00 40" Base Plate
FL-04-622 $231.00 $190.75 Measuring Stops (Upper and Lower)
FL-04-631 $64.00 $60.37 Clamp Lifters
FL-04-630 $165.00 $146.23 Right Squaring Arm Extension






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