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       Fletcher Glass Tools

Oval/Circle Glass Cutteroccirgl.jpg (10598 bytes)

List Price $114.68 Price $105.90


  FL-05-221  Oval/Circle Glass Cutter

Scores ovals and circles on flat glass and stained glass.
Easy to operate suction cup adheres the cutter securely to glass  with a quick turn of the dial.
Easy-to-read scale lets you set accurate circle diameters or oval widths.
Easy-to-adjust offset up to 3" (76.2mm) produces ovals from 4-1/2" (11.25cm) to 24" (60cm) long and circles up to 21" (52.5cm) in diameter.
Includes tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel.
6 month warranty.



     FL-06-111  6" (15.2cm)   List Price $17.79 Price $12.95



      FL-06-112  8" (20.4cm)   List Price $18.39 Price $13.95


pliers.JPG (22662 bytes)"Gold Tip" Glass Running and Nipping Pliers break out glass up to 1/4" (6mm) thick. Made of light weight high strength plastic, they come in two lengths.

cirmate.jpg (4218 bytes)CircleMateII

 scores circles 3" to 72" in diameter in flat glass and comes in three sizes.


FL-05-214 CircleMate II 28"     List Price $85.45 Price $50.95
FL-05-215 CircleMate II 42"     List Price $102.35 Price $58.95

FL-05-216 CircleMate II 72"     List Price $133.00 Price $76.45


breaker.jpg (4599 bytes)The Fletcher Thick Glass Breaker Breaks out glass over 1/2" (12mm) thick. (Carbide wheel glass cutter included.)


FL-06-311  Thick Glass Breaker    List Price $280.85 Price $160.75

lensctr.jpg (4808 bytes)The Fletcher Lens Cutter scores circles 1/2" (12mm) to 5" (12.7cm) in diameter. (Includes a 3 wheel turret).


FL-05-211  Lens cutter   List Price $136.60 Price $78.95

Gold Tip Glass Cutters  for cutting regular glass. Comes with a 130 degree hardened steel wheel or a 134 degree Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel that lasts 10 times longer than the steel wheel.


Also Consider            Carbide wheel


FL-01-122 Gold Tip Glass Cutter  (Steel wheel) List Price $5.40     Price $3.29
FL-01-840 Gold Tip Glass Cutter  (Carbide wheel) List Price $17.05 Price $9.75

                   Also Consider framingsupplies glass cutter $8.95


FL-01-715 Gold Tip Designer II Glass Cutter List Price

Gold Tip Designer II Glass Cutter  for "top-of-the-line" glass cutting with a wide cutting head, a Tungsten Carbide 140 degree cutting wheel and the comfort of a pistol grip. List Price $74.10  Price $29.95                                                                     

Gold Tip Designer II Interchangeable Glass Cutter Replacement Heads  fit all Designer II fluid dispensing glass cutters. 

Narrow Head 140 degree Wheel Angle recommended for pattern cutting.   Wide Head 140 degree Wheel Angle recommended for straight edge cutting. The head, wheel slot and ball-bearing axle are hardened steel to resist wear and accurately guide the polished Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel.

FL-03-711 Fletcher Wide Replacement Head List Price $39.70 Price $29.95

FL-03-712 Fletcher Narrow Replacement Head List Price $37.95 Price $21.95

EnviroGOLD Glass Cutting Fluid  for use in the "pistol grip" handle of the Designer II Glass Cutter for optimum cutting performance. Extends the life of the cutting tool. Non-toxic and meets OSHA and EPA requirements.

FL-09-541 EnviroGold Glass Cutting Fluid  List Price $8.99  Price $7.63

plascutt.JPG (3726 bytes)ScoreMate plastic cutter has two tips for normal or extra pressure.


FL-05-111  ScoreMate Double Edge Cutter  List Price $7.90 Price $5.20


hdcttrs.JPG (5972 bytes)Heavy Duty Plastic Cutters  for scoring acrylic plastics and formica.

Bottom Image

FL-05-120  Heavy Duty Plastic Cutter  List Price $40.35 Price $22.25

hdcttrs.JPG (5972 bytes)Heavy Duty Glass Cutters score plate glass and tile up to 1/4" (6mm) thick.  

Top Image


FL-01-275   Heavy Duty Glass Cutter  List Price $48.40 Price $27.95



Stock No.

  Description         Price


Steel Wheel Unit, 120For the 3000 & 3100 MultiCutter Ten Pack

List Price $37.33 Price $35.95 


Carbide Wheel Unit, 124For the 3000 & 3100 MultiCutter

List Price $29.75 Price $17.15


Blades for the Plastic Cutter (Model 05-120)

List Price $27.35 Price $15.65

Oval/Circle Cutter Replacement Blades  

Oval/Circle Cutting Blades (10 per Box) FL-05-009

List Price $13.25 Price $7.65


Oval/Circle Cutting Blades (100 per Box) FL-05-007

List Price $86.75 Price $49.95

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