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Framing Supplies          Question Mark 

Acrylic for picture framing Clear & non glare acrylic for picture framing.
Aluminum and Wood Frames Go here to choose Aluminum and Wood frames.
Art Racks and Display Stands Display your Art.  Sturdy, lightweight art racks fold flat for easy carrying. Display stands are professional quality!
Backing Papers & Plastic Bags Roll Paper & Paper Dispensers.
Books   All the answers are in these books.  You need all of them.
Bump Ons Bumpers for the backs of wood and aluminum frames
Cast Iron Miter Vise You need one for sure - but probably  four.
Decorative Hangers Brass & Antique Brass Decorative Hangers.
Dry Mount Tissue framingsupplies dry mount tissue at great prices
Easel Backs You need some of these in your inventory.
Eubank Frame Adjustable frameless clip mounting system
Fletcher Finishing Tools Pushmate, Pullmate tools to make your job easier.
Fletcher Glass Tools Glass cutting tools made by Fletcher
FlexiMaster Point Driver  Uses new "Flexi" point that can bend to replace artwork.
Framing Essentials I Security Hangers, OOK Dry Cleaning Pad, Brayers, Professional Security Hanging System, Security Wrench, Weight Bags, Handy Bundler.
Framing Essentials II Corrugated Corner Protectors.
Framing Essentials III Erasers, Needle Tip Glue Bottle, Self-Healing Cutting Mat.
Frame Hardware Aluminum Frame Hardware, hangers, and security system.
Framemaster Point Driver If your serious about framing this tool is a must . . . you will hand it down to your children.
FrameTek Out of space?  Frame problem solvers. 
Fredrix Canvas Stretcher Strips Stretcher Strips and canvas pliers Clips to hold the canvas in the frames.
Glass Cutters Tungsten Carbide cutting wheels
Hanging Wire  Hot! Plastic coated wire, braided wire.
Hook and Loop Fasteners Good for holding frame samples on the wall.
Mat Layout Program This neat program is free ware by John Figueras.  It will assist you in calculating mat sizes numbers.
MultiMaster Point Driver Deep penetration into all wood.
NOVUS Acrylic/plastic cleaner polisher and refinisher
Offset Clips Offset clips to hold items into the frames
Picture Frame Glass Clear & Non-Glare
Print Sleeves  Sleeves to protect your artwork!
ProEdge Knives Knives, tweezers, screw drivers, blades, grit sticks,  to make your job easier.
Putty and Fillers Rub 'n Buff and Nail hole fillers, a must to do minor and major repairs.
Rulers, Straight Edges & Scales Straight Edges, T-Squares, Metal and Plastic Rulers and other helpful tools.
Screws for Framing Screws used for picture framing
Swiss Clips Swiss Clips in Bulk.
Tools Tapes Glues etc Hinging Tape, Museum Mounting Kit, mounting corners, rice starch, document repair tape, artist's tape, burnishing bones, self-adhesive mounting corners, the Twirler.
V-Nails Information and comparison chart on v-nails
Wood Frame Hangers Lots of different wood frame hangers, ZigZag adhesive hangers.
Wood Screw Eyes and Accessories Screw eyes, screws, offsets, Twirler for screw eyes.




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