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Inmes IM-30 MP Saw



A highly precise miter saw with a rotating table for cutting wood or aluminum moldings.  The Inmes IM-30 MP comes with these features included:  right support arm, pneumatic material clamping system, base cabinet with dust collector, molding stop, quick adjust rotating table.  Cutting capacity 3 1/8 inch high by 4 1/8" wide. Optional lubricant fluid spayer.

All for a price of $3669.00


Click here for owner's manual in pdf format

Pneumatic Clamping

The pneumatic clamping system was especially developed for cutting aluminum and wood profiles, for best quality and operator safety. The clamping devices are operated automatically by a sensor at the start of the blade descent.  Very cool.


The exhaust cabinet was developed to collect the dust during the cutting of the profile - the cabinet doubles as a work table. The exhaust cabinet in addition to being used as a work table for the IM-30 MP miter saw. The extension arms, and pneumatic clamps also attach to the cabinet.  It has a centrifugal exhaust that its possible to switch the cabinet on or off independent of the saw.

Comes with

Exhaust Motor : 3/4 Hp Vacuum hose;
Exhaust support 208-220 Volt
"Y" connection 529,72 ft/min (15m/min)


Weight 290 pounds crated

Molding Stop

The molding stop was developed to attach on the right and left extension offering precision and accuracy on the calibrated scale, allowing the operator obtain the same measure.

Cut both aluminum and wood molding with one machine!


Saw Blades



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