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Logan 650-1/660-1 Elite Mat Cutter ~ Free Shipping ~ we will not be undersold ~


Logan 650-1  

Logan 650-1 Elite


With over 30 years in the business of manufacturing mat cutting equipment, LOGAN proves why experience means quality for Professional & Production Work. By combining low price with superb quality and simple operation, Framer's Edge completely versatile Mat Cutters give you the edge!

Features like easy-to-use production stops, pinpoint accuracy on line-to-line cutting, heavy duty construction and an attractive look all make the Framer's Edge the obvious choice for framers to serious artists.
 Price $491.47   ~ Free Shipping

Logan 650-1 Framers Edge  40" cutting capacity

Retail Price  $899.95




These packages are precisely sized pieces of mat board, waiting for you to cut the opening you desire into them.  Fashion them into whatever you desire, double mats etc.  This special will save you the time and money. 

Acid Free Quality Mat Board (Acid Free core and backing paper)

These packages of  blanks may contain  black core,  linen, rag mat, regular mat board, white core, foils, faux etc.

Available from


 Acid Free core and backing paper. 20 Sheets, a variety of Dark, Medium and Light Colors .

Sizes available : 8 x 10, 11 x 14 and 16 x 20  inches

A  1 Package of 20 Sheets of each 8" x 10" assorted mat board $8.95

B  1 Package of 20 Sheets of 11" x 14" assorted mat board $12.95

C 1 Package of 20 Sheets of 16" x 20" assorted mat board $17.95






Logan 655-1 Elite Mat Cutter The Framers Edge - Now Here! Price $584.97 ~ Free Shipping

Logan 655-1 Framers Edge  48" cutting capacity

Retail Price   $999.95

Logan 660-1 Elite Mat Cutter The Framers Edge - Now Here! Price $680.85 Over size

Logan 660-1 Framers Edge   60" cutting capacity

List Price   $1,119.95



Features of Logan Framer's Edge Mat Cutters #650-1, #655-1 & #660-1

902bbalb.gif (878 bytes) High-tech Teflon coated cutting bar provides smooth cutting operation and needs no lubrication. Bottom is serrated so mats won't slip.

901bbalb.gif (879 bytes) FREE Short Squaring Arm now included with all models for smaller jobs

901bbalb.gif (879 bytes) Full scaled 27" Squaring Angle holds mats perfectly square - a total of two squaring arms

90dbbalb.gif (879 bytes) Improved Support Arm Mounting Block better secures the support arms to the laminate board surface for a stronger hinge and less flex.

90dbbalb.gif (879 bytes) Single Cutting Head has both bevel and straight cutting ability all in one. Contains self-lubricating Delrin bearings for maintenance-free operation with lifetime guarantee against wear.

90bbbalb.gif (878 bytes) Cutting bar allows borders up to 8". Removable mat guide slides smoothly in aluminum channels and enables you to quickly and accurately measure your border widths up to 5-1/4"

909bbalb.gif (879 bytes) Special scale setting for V-Grooves

907bbalb.gif (874 bytes) Uses Logan #269 blade. And to assist in cutting 8-ply mat board, a pack of special 8-ply cutting blades (#268) has been added FREE!

907bbalb.gif (874 bytes)IMPROVED Bevel Cutting Head indicator gauge eliminates over cuts. Features an easy to use thumb knob for more comfortable usage.  Updated movable stop foot over cut adjustment.  Includes micro-adjustment over cut screw to the rear of the cutting head.  8" movable production stops are simple and easy to use. Allows bevel head to cut on all four sides without re-adjusting stops or marking the mat.

90fbbalb.gif (873 bytes) Straight Cutter's automatic lock-down pin holds blade in cutting position.

90bbbalb.gif (878 bytes)Includes Free "Guide to Home Picture Framing" booklet and set-up instructional DVD

901bbalb.gif (879 bytes) 1 Year Guarantee from LOGAN



FedEx classifies these products as "OVERSIZED" and charge more for shipping by both ground and air delivery. FedEx bills this size product for shipping at a weight that is greater than the actual weight of the package. Click here for a detailed explanation of  "OVERSIZED" packages.






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