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Conservation Information

Crescent is committed to manufacturing professional paper board products of the highest quality without compromising the company's sincere concern for the environment.
Art Boards - Recycled fiber in board middles. Many surfaces made of cotton fiber (rag) - an annually renewable resource.
Mounting Boards - Board middles made of 100% recycled fibers.
Regular Mat Boards - Board middles made of high quality, selected, unprinted, extra clean, reclaimed tree fibers.
Rag Mat Products - 100% cotton fiber (rag) middles and backing papers - an annually renewable resource.
Rag Mat Technical Specifications

100% Rag - Rag Mat's core and lining paper are made of 100% cotton fiber.

Acid-Free - All components of Rag Mat are acid and lignin-free and buffered with calcium carbonate, pH 8.5 - 9.5.

Fade Resistance - Rag Mat surface paper colors are created with the finest quality pigments for optimum fade and bleed resistance.

Extra Thickness - The thickness of Rag Mat is .054-.058 providing an excellent margin of protection between the art and glazing.

Easy Cutting - The 100% rag board of Rag Mat cuts smoothly and cleanly producing a beveled window mat of exceptional quality.

Pure Adhesive - Water-base adhesive which contains no solvents and has a pH of  8.5 +/- .5.

Regular Mat Board Technical pH

Acid-Free Pulp Core Specifications

(Buffered with Calcium Carbonate)

Independent Laboratory TAPPI cold extraction pH test results.

Composite average of core, adhesive, facing and backing paper:

Un-aged pH 7.7

20 years pH 7.6

50 years pH 7.5

100 years pH 7.3

Crescent surface paper colors are specially formulated to provide high fade and bleed resistance.

Rag Mat 100 & Classic Rag Mat 100

100% Cotton Fiber - Pure, natural 100% cotton fiber offers the ultimate in conservation of art on paper.

Acid-Free - All components of Rag Mat Board are completely acid-free and do not contain alum or lignin. The board is buffered with calcium carbonate, resulting in a pH of 8.5 - 9.5 according to independent laboratory TAPPI cold extraction test results.

Cotton is used to make the finest type of paper and mat boards because it is the purest form of natural cellulose. Rag is strong, requires less processing, has a history of performance and it is an annually renewable resource, making it a better product for our planet. The Gutenberg Bible, the drawings of Renaissance masters, Shakespeare's first folio, exist today because they were printed or penned on cotton fiber paper. Cotton fiber paper is specified for currency, stock certificates and government documents because of its permanence.


Moorman Fabric Mat Board Surface Specifications

Specially treated neutral pH fabrics.

Core Specifications - White Core: Non-yellowing, pure white, acid-free, lignin-free.

Cores & Backing Papers - All cores and backing papers are acid-free, buffered with calcium carbonate. pH 7.2-7.8

Extra Thickness - Suedes & Leathers .070-.075, Linens & Moire Silks .063-.068


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