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8.31 Mat Board Eight

All Crescent Matboards are 32" x 40" Any exceptions to this size will be listed in the box with the name of that matboard. 

Click on any of the following names for information: Archival, Rag, Ragmat 100's, Acid & Lignin-Free papers and matboards. Mounting & News Board, Sample Kits & Corner Samples, Illustration Boards.

Celery Seed CR-1681 $13.36
Sauterne CR-1683 $13.36
Optic White CR-1684 $13.36
Moonlight CR-1685 $13.36
Cotton White CR-1686 $13.36
Sandstorm CR-1689 $13.36
Olive Bronze CR-1690 $13.36
Filbert CR-1691 $13.36
Cashew CR-1692 $13.36
Sherwood Green CR-1693 $13.36
Micro Gray CR-1694 $13.36
Moss Antiquarian CR-1702 $15.06
Foxhunt Green Antiquarian CR-1703 $15.06
Ashen Antiquarian CR-1704 $15.06
Antique Ivory Antiquarian CR-1705 $15.06
Rubia Antiquarian CR-1706 $15.06
Hazelnut Antiquarian CR-1708 $15.06
Light Umbria Antiquarian CR-1709 $15.06
Dark Umbria Antiquarian CR-1710 $15.06

Black Walnut Antiquar CR-1711 $15.06
Stonehenge Antiquarian CR-1713 $15.06
Antique Lace Antiquarian CR-1715 $15.06
Brittany Antiquarian CR-1716 $15.06
Dark Olive Antiquarian CR-1722 $15.06
Old Gold Antiquarian CR-1768 $13.36


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