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Mat Board Twenty

Cresent Select is a conservation-grade matboard made of 100% virgin alpha-cellulose surface paper, core and backing paper.  All items available in 4 ply thickness.  6 ply thickness available on selected items.

All Crescent Matboards are 32" x 40" Any exceptions to this size will be listed in the box with the name of that matboard.

Click on any of the following names for information: Archival, Rag, Ragmat 100's, Acid & Lignin-Free papers and matboards. Mounting & News Board, Sample Kits & Corner Samples, Illustration Boards.


Cotton Candy CR-9567 $8.69

Fiji Coral CR-9572   $8.69


Marooned CR-9574   $8.69


Valentine CR-9576   $8.69


Stop CR-9577   $8.69


Rusted CR-9578   $8.69


Mudslide CR-9579   $8.69


Hot Sauce CR-9581   $8.69


Yam I Am CR-9582   $8.69


Peanut Butter CR-9583   $8.69


Catcher's Mitt CR-9584   $8.69


Root Beer CR-9585   $8.69


Brown Sugar

CR-9586   $8.69

Milk Chocolate CR-9587  $8.69

Bambi CR-9589  $8.69

Fresh Brew CR-9590  $8.69

Top Soil CR-9591  $8.69

Blizzard CR-9592  $8.69

Gravel Road CR-9593  $8.69

Concrete CR-9594  $8.69

Concrete 6 Ply CR-29594  $12.42

Urban CR-9595  $8.69

Cubicle CR-9596  $8.69

Field Mouse CR-9597  $8.69

Before Dark CR-9598  $8.69

Before Dark  6 Ply CR-29598  $12.42

After Dark CR-9599  $8.69

After Dark  6 Ply CR-29599  $12.42



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