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 Mounting Boards

 X (Single) Board and 3X (Double) Board 

We no longer offer these boards because for literally a few pennies more, you can get the acid-free versions.


Acid-free Board & surface paper pH 8.2 + 5: Surface papers are acid free, pH 8.2 + .5. X (Single thick .048) and 3X (Double thick .090).  32"X40" Sheets.

CR-AFX   Mounting Board  .048 Price  $3.26      

CR-AF3X  Mounting Board .090 Price  $5.93


Innovative adhesive offers repositioning until firm pressure is applied resulting in a totally permanent mount. Available in single weight, double weight and foam board in 32" x 40" sheets.

Technical Data:  Acid-free Board & surface paper pH 8.2 + 5

Adhesive: a pH neutral acrylic adhesive, chemically inert and activated by pressure.

Shelf Life: Indefinite if stored properly. Recommended storage conditions are 30-60% relative humidity at 60-80 degrees F


• Adhesive Bond: Permanent bonding time will vary depending upon type of paper being mounted. Most papers bond within minutes after pressure is applied. Maximum bonding time is 24 hours. Some items, such as RC photographs and coated papers, may bond more quickly, lessening repositionability. More care must be taken in the initial positioning of these items. Fabric bonds securely but not permanently.


Caution: Paper art and photographs bond permanently to Perfect Mount. Do not use to mount items that may need to be removed at a later date.

Removal: CAUTION - removal involves a risk to the item and should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with the process. 

CR-PSX Perfect Mount X-Board Price  $12.35    
CR-PS3X Perfect Mount 3X-Board Price  $15.97    
CR-PSFC Perfect Mount 316 FC Price  $16.17   






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