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Sign Equipment






Deluxe Metal Print Display Stands



Double Decker *

Dimensions 41" H x 22" D x 24" W

Holds up to 50 Sleeves 18" x 24"

Hold up to 50 sleeves 16" x 20"

Great for display in a small area!

Locking casters.

List Price   $295.00

framingsupplies price $129.45

Sale Price $69.95

Double Decker Metal Print bin. FU-4868


Assembly Instructions Double Decker.pdf.



Dimension 41" H x 26" D x 26" W

Holds 50 Sleeves 32" x 40"

Folds quickly and easily.

List Price $135.00 Price $89.95

Sale Price $49.95

Collapsible FU-5322



Nothing to assemble, take it out of the box and open it like a folding chair.  Very sturdy.


Simply American Onyx 90 American gif


Better design, heaver steel, made by Professional Picture Frame Equipment USA. This display rack is, better looking stronger, cost less.


Metal Print Rack 1

Can be purchased as single unit (pictured on the right) or with optional second shelf (pictured on the left).

Metal Print Rack 10

Heavy duty hardware 16 - 5/16 carriage bolts. Plastic feet allow movement across floor without the use of optional casters.

Metal Print Rack 9

Abrasion and chemical resistant electro static powder coat.

Metal Print Rack 3

Computer controlled hydraulic bender for accurate bends.

Metal Print Rack 6

Folded over 18 gage cold roll steel. The fold increases frontal as well as lateral strength.

Metal Print Rack 5

Display rack can be purchased with or without casters.

Metal Print Rack 2

Acorn nuts protect customers from tearing their clothes as well as adding a quality look.




Simply American Onyx 90 American gif


Made by: Professional Picture Frame Equipment USA.

Metal Print Rack 7

Optional second shelf can be added later and almost doubles the capacity.


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