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    Onyx 90

 the machine cuts mat board, glass, acrylic and more by Professional Picture Frame Equipment


Onyx90 MultiMedia Cutter

An outstanding price - for what we believe is the best media cutter in the world


       With five year warranty




Regular price $1,599.00


   How can a machine that costs less than 1/2 the price of other wall mounted media cutters be better than the ones that have been on the market for more than 50 years? (and we believe it is better)


1. The Onyx 90 was designed after studying the best features of the existing machines in many fields of cutting media and improving on their design, plus incorporating new ideas.

2. No over burdensome management, no vice presidents, no large committees ~An American Small Business~ you know the kind of companies they talk about on TV where 70% of innovation comes from.

3.  The Onyx 90 is NOT for people or corporations that are hypnotized into thinking that price is the only function of quality.

4.  Computer assisted design and machining.

5.  Desire to make a better mouse trap.

An absolute must for the professional!
The Onyx 90
bullet Cuts mat board, foam board, glass, plastic and more
bullet Cuts media to 1/2 +" thick, larger boards may require optional horizontal media clamp
bulletEngineered to last a life time
bulletCuts 60" in the vertical
bullet Measurements in inches and millimeters
bullet Built-in media clamp
bullet Production stop included
bullet6 carbide wheels for glass cutting included
bullet Carbide plastic cutter - thousands of cuts - included
bullet 10 razor cutting blades - included
bullet Cuts pvc foam board - for the sign industry
bullet Fed Ex / UPS shippable
bullet Perfect for sizing your substrate
bullet Constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel
bullet Oil impregnated bronze bearings
bullet Stainless steel wall mounting brackets
bullet Fastest tool changing in the industry
bullet5 year warranty
bullet UHMW bushings
bullet Made in the USA
          Regularly $1,599.00


Please watch the sales video by clicking below    

Sales Video   Features of the Onyx 90




Learn more about the Onyx 90 Multi-material cutter with the how to install video or the owners manual.



     Onyx 90    How to Install video

     Onyx 90    Owners Instruction manual PDF.

     Onyx90      Parts manual PDF

       Penta-Pod  Instruction/parts manual PDF




Wall mounted media cutter, is a glass cutter, cardboard cutter, acrylic and plastic cutter.

Multipurpose media cutter, it is an excellent cutter for the picture framing, sign making, and glass cutting industries. 

The size of the machine is 72 1/4 inches wide by 78 inches high. 

The Onyx 90 comes in one box.  Box one is 13" x 16" x 84" and weights 78 pounds. 

Adjusting the Onyx 90

How to install the tool holders on the Onyx 90 Multi Media Cutter.

















How to Install a Glass Turret on the Onyx 90 Multi Media Cutter.





Replacement Items:


Glass Turret (6 carbide glass cutting wheels) PPFE-7001



Plastic cutter (2 ended carbide cutter) PPFE-311



Mat cutting blades (pack of 100 blades) PPFE-0024

Used in discontinued PPFE-305 Holder



Mat cutting blades (pack of 100 blades) Pro#42592

Used in current PPFE-305-2 Holder




Additional production stop PPFE-050



Glass tool holder (without glass turret) PPFE-302 -2


Uses six wheel turret PPFE-7001

This is an improved glass tool holder for use with the Onyx 90 Media Cutter. This tool uses the PPFE-7001 six-wheel glass turret (ordered seperatly) to score glass.

In an effort to constantly improve upon our products, we are pleased to introduce our new and improved glass tool holder, PPFE-302-2.  With this improvement, there is an additional screw on the back of the tool holder to assist in accurate placement of the turret and carbide glass wheel for optimal performance from each glass wheel.

Instructions for use:

  • Loosen the small metal screw on the side of the tool holder.  Only loosen this slightly; else the glass wheels will fall off of the turret.
  • Loosen the screw with the plastic turning knob on the back of the tool holder.
  • Turn the turret to the next available glass wheel.
  • Tighten the screw with the plastic turning knob.
  • Then, tighten the screw on the side of the tool holder.


Plastic tool holder (without carbide cutter) PPFE-310


Uses carbide cutter PPFE-311


Mat cutting tool holder (without blades) PPFE-305 -1

Mat cutting tool holder for the Onyx90

Uses blade PPFE-0024

This mat cutting tool holder was updated to the PPFE-305-2. See below for pricing and features.

Although the holder itself is no longer available, the blades still are. See PPFE-0024.


Mat cutting tool holder-2 (without blades) PPFE-305-2


Uses blade Pro#42592













































































**New Product Notification**

Dear Onyx 90 Owners

This letter is to announce a product addition affecting the Onyx 90 Multi Media Cutter.

Professional Picture Frame Equipment Inc., with the assistance of our customer’s suggestions, added another mat cutter tool holder. We have re-engineered the Mat Cutting Tool Holder to use a stiffer blade for applications requiring a more ridged blade.

With the new design comes the benefit of more accurate cuts in thicker media, however, it cuts slightly less deep - 1/2" as opposed to the original Mat cutting tool holder-1 which cuts to a depth of 5/8". Please be confident these changes will enhance the over all performance of your Onyx 90. We are sure that you the Onyx 90 customer will benefit from this additional tool holder. This new tool holder is called "Mat cutting tool holder-2"; Part number PPFE-305-2.

The price for this new Mat cutting tool holder-2 is $19.95 for owners of the Onyx 90.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer and look forward to hearing from you.

Our experienced sales representatives will help you through the ordering process and any questions you have. All inquiries can be directed to or call our toll free number at 1 (800) 334-9060.


A five legged stand $495.00.  

It is collapsible.

Add 3/8" plywood 36" by 36" (not supplied) It makes an excellent shelf that will hold more than 200 pounds. Mounting holes & carriage bolts are provided for mounting the plywood.  

(See image on the left.)


How to connect the Onyx 90 to the Pentapod.





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