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    For Aluminum, Wood, Plastics & Fiberglass*

    Pistorius machines are built to last. Extra heavy duty cast iron and steel construction throughout. Beautiful, precision  miters. These quality machines are designed and constructed to withstand continuous high speed production and are built with the finest craftsmanship and components available. These machines are virtually maintenance free. A full line of accessories are available for the ultimate in versatility and efficiency. 

    The principle of the design of Pistorius double miter saw is to simultaneously cut a left and right miter with each cycle of the machine. Sawhead movement is achieved either by large diameter precision pivot ball bearings or linear ball bearings depending on the model. These machines cut two 45 degree miters in the same length of time that one is made in single cut-off machines. 

With proper tooling, perfect miters can be achieved repeatedly. Cuts are consistently clean without tearout or burrs. Length measurements are accurately made for either outside "tip-to-tip," inside, or rabbet, with our selection of gage accessories. 

Performance is vibration free and pieces are cut to smooth mill-like finishes if proper tooling is utilized. Close tolerances are consistently maintained even during high speed semi-automatic operation.

With Pistorius you can also count on support , parts and service.



Illustrated here is the fence and sawblade arrangement standard on all non-staggered models. The work fence is located in a fixed position at the front of the table assuring a minimum of scrap waste. Sawblades extend beyond the fence line, cutting completely through material. Both sawblades are activated simultaneously so that with each cycle of the machine two miters are completed. Fences are mounted in a keyway machined into the table, making it quick & simple to change fences or special support fixtures at any time without losing alignment with the sawblades.


EMN Manual Double Miter Saws

Models EMN-12 and EMN-14


Extremely versatile.


TYPICAL USES: Custom picture frames, Aluminum store fronts, Silk screen frames, Do-it-yourself frame shops, Custom sign shops, Replacement windows and doors, Occupational training schools, Bath & shower enclosures, Sheltered workshops, Glass & mirror shops, Patio-porch & deck enclosures, Woodworking shops, display manufacturers, Custom craft hobby shops.

Pneumatic Double Miter Saws


Models MN-100, MN-200, MN-300Designed and constructed to withstand continuous day-in-day-out high speed production.

TYPICAL USES: Advertising display frames, Solar panels, Clocks, Shower enclosures, Outside aluminum storage sheds, Door lights, sliding patio doors, Picture & mirror frames, Vinyl & aluminum skylights, Photo frames, Chalk boards, Needlepoint frames, Schedule & bulletin boards, Medicine cabinet doors, Architectural sash, Portable offices & trailers, Game tables, Telephone booths, Greenhouses, Outside service windows, Curtain walls, Ventilators & grills.


*  Note: When cutting fiberglass pultrusions, special tooling and enhanced dust collection modifications are required. Call for more information. 1-800-332-9060


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