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For Aluminum, Wood, Plastics & Fiberglass*


Pneumatic Double Miter Saws

Models MN-100, MN-200 & MN-300

Designed and constructed to withstand continuous day-in day-out high speed production. Machine is virtually maintenance free, eliminating costly downtime.





MN-100 10" Model $7275.00 Call for Special Price MN-200 12" Model $7275.00 Call for Special Price MN-300 14" Model $7535.00 Call for Special Price


  1. Optional pneumatic hold down clamps. Available for vertical use as shown or special horizontal mounting for specific applications. Supplied with shut-off cock and soft face replaceable rubber clamp pads.
  2. Front safety guard is constructed of heavy gage steel for maximum operator protection. Machine should never be operated without the safety guard installed and adjusted to its lowest position. Safety guard is removable to change saw blades.
  3. Optional sawdust exhaust ducts are provided with two 4" outlets. For proper dust collection a minimum of 850 CFM air volume is required.
  4. Optional #6G Visi-Miter gage shown.
  5. Optional combination air line filter, pressure regulator and automatic lubricator for best protection of air components.
  6. Pushbutton magnetic motor starters provide over current and low voltage protection. Gasketed steel enclosure seals out dust and chips for the best protection of the starters. A single start or stop switch operates both motors.
  7. Optional steel scrap pan, is ideal for collecting scrap and drippings when cutting aluminum extrusions.
  8. Fully guarded, spring return foot pedal only allows saws to descend as long as pedal is depressed. To return saws to normal position, the operator just releases foot pedal.
  9. Optional "foot" for adjustable support leg, allows bolting to floor if desired.
  10. Optional Venturi Type spray mist units for aluminum cutting.
  11. Minimum waste due to close proximity of saw blades.
  12. Optional precision made, job matched carbide and steel saw blades to suit your specific applications.
  13. Precision machined heavy duty case iron table.
  14. Machined keyway in table allows quick changeover in fixtures without loss of alignment.
  15. Optional #2G Electronic Accurcut Gage is designed to provide outside tip-to-tip measurements. Many gages are available.


Designed for the production oriented operation when compressed air is available.
Compressed air does all the work and allows for high speed cycling on a continuous basis.
Model MN-200 pneumatically operated machine shown cutting PVC vinyl window sash extrusion with front safety guard removed for illustration purposes. Optional left hand mounted #2G electronic Gage is shown. Ideal for all types of flat and compound miter cutting.


Shown with belt guard removed for illustration purposes. Machine should never be operated with belt guard of front cover removed.
1. Phenolic faced head retainer provides 360 degree surface contact area. Simple adjustment assures perfect saw head tracking and movement.
2. Exclusive 8" diameter hardened and ground ball thrust bearing saw head pivot. This high quality, precision made bearing assures precise saw blade movement through its arc of travel.
3. Full 360 degree rubber seal helps keep dust and chips out of pivot mechanism
4. Heavy duty cog type, positive non-slip timing belt drive.
5. Fine micrometer miter angle adjustment (within 2 degree range) for perfect miter angle settings.
6. Double ball bearing saw spindles are available in cartridge form and are simple to remove and replace if necessary.
7. Optional phenolic scrap support and fence insert provides support for delicate pre-finished materials such as high pressure laminated moldings. Phenolic back ups provide support to reduce or eliminate chipping or tear out.
8. Linkage arms are fitted with self lubricating oilite bushings at each end. Both saw heads move simultaneously by interconnected linkage.




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