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Print Mount LAMINAC-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film is a clear PVC (vinyl) film coated with acrylic adhesive that bonds permanently when heated. Available in a choice of seven attractive finishes, Laminac-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film provides a durable, protective surface for posters, prints, photos, maps, charts, etc. An economical alternative to traditional glazing Laminac-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film offers an image-enhancing appearance while providing a permanent barrier against dirt, moisture and fading caused by harmful UV radiation.

LAMINAC-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film can be applied easily and efficiently in any Print Mount HOT SHOT Combination Heat/Vacuum Press or in a mechanical or hardbed dry mount press. The initially low-tack acrylic adhesive, covered by a paper release liner, allows for an easy and clean preparation process prior to insertion into the press for heat sealing.

Print Mount LAMINAC-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film is ideal for specialty applications of canvas transfer (the process of adhering a stripped lithographic or photographic emulsion to canvas fabric) and laminate (the process of bonding 2 dimensional artwork to beveled fiberboard or Masonite for "frameless" wall decor).

Print Mount LAMINAC-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film is pre-pierced and ready-to-use, eliminating the need for manual perforation of the film to provide proper air evacuation. Print Mount LAMINAC-UV Heat Seal Laminating Film is available in a variety of popular widths and lengths to match your laminating needs.



Gloss is a 2 mil film that provides a sparkling, luster finish particularly popular when laminating photographs and contemporary prints with bold graphics. GLOSS is the primary choice for canvas transfer applications, achieving the glossy look of an original oil. A smooth, high-gloss finish is achievable using optional overlay "foil". A specialty "antique distressed" finish can be created using a crumpled release paper over sheet.



Satin Matte

Satin Matte a 2 mil film that yields an attractive semi-matte finish, popular when laminating traditional prints and contemporary pastel graphics. Its soft, non-reflective look is ideal for artwork displayed in commercial and residential settings under incandescent illumination.



Matte is a 3 mil film that provides a flat matte finish eliminating all reflective glare. Matte is particularly suited to artwork displayed in commercial and industrial settings subject to harsh, direct lighting. MATTE film is the #1 choice for laminate applications.


Linen Grain

Linen is a 3.5 mil film that produces an attractive, uniform linen-weave texture. LINEN film is ideal for fine art prints and photos, adding a dimensional texture that enhances the artwork or portrait.


Canvas - Flax Grain

Canvas is a 3.5 mil film that yields an attractive, variegated linen-weave texture particularly suited to enhancing antique fine art prints or sepia toned photographs.  Canvas film provides an economical alternative to canvas transfer, achieving the look without need to strip paper and /or photographic prints.


Heavy Duty Canvas Grain

Heavy Duty Canvas is a 7 ml film that produces a texture that approximates modern artist's canvas, Heavy Duty Canvas film provides the most realistic looking alternative to true canvas transfer without the labor intensive process.  Due to the thickness of the film, it is not available pre-pierced.


Polyester Hi-Gloss

Polyester Hi-Gloss is a 1.5 mil polyester film that produces a high gloss finish over poster and offset printed surfaces.  Polyester Hi-Gloss is particularly suited to the production of write-on / wipe-off surfaces.   Due to the fact that this film is a polyester and not PVC, it must not be pierced prior to heat sealing.  Polyester Hi-Gloss is a limited use film that may not be used over photographs or inkjet output


Overlay Foam

Overlay Foam is used with any / and all  of the laminating films.  It is used instead of release paper.  The laminating films are perforated to allow air to escape and form allows the air to escape further.

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