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PRINTMOUNT Dry Mounting Tissue Features:

Fast, Professional, Permanent or Reversible "Low Temperature" Mounting

Mounts: Paper, Photos, Sheer Fabric, Chipboard, Foam Board, Wood / Fiberboard, and most other common Art Materials

Archival Quality - All are Acid Free some are easily reversible

Not affected by sunlight, heat, or humidity

Toll Free 800 technical support and product information from PRINTMOUNT  800-531-9690



A comprehensive line of dry mounting adhesives, THERMOMOUNT brand premium quality dry mount tissues and films provide a full range of options for virtually all mounting applications. THERMOMOUNT Dry Mounting Adhesives are formulated to exacting standards for consistence of quality and performance results. Professional bonds are achieved quickly and efficiently in any combination heat/vacuum press, mechanical dry mount press or hard-bed press. All THERMOMOUNT Dry Mounting Adhesives feature neutral pH to protect artwork from damaging acidification.

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ECONOMOUNT Dry Mount Tissue is a high quality, paper based tissue coated on both sides with adhesive that bonds as it is heated.  ECONOMOUNT is an excellent, lower-cost alternative to PROMOUNT for the mounting of most materials to card stocks and clay-paper coated foam boards.  Not recommended for mounting to MDF.  Activated at 175 degrees F, ECONOMOUNT can be removed at 210 degrees F.  ECONOMOUNT is pH neutral and produced without the use of solvents.  ECONOMOUNT is suitable for use with plastic coated artwork (RC Photographs).



Dry Mount Tissue is a premium grade tissue, formulated with a breathable paper base, coated on both sides with a permanent adhesive that bonds as it heats. Neutral pH and excellent bonding characteristics, combined with its breathe-ability make PROMOUNT the most versatile option, adaptable to most common mounting applications. Particularly suited to plastic coated photographic papers, including RC and Cibachrome media, PROMOUNT is an ideal general purpose tissue that will successfully mount all other smooth paper artwork to a wide variety of substrates including card stock, matboard, foam board, Masonite, aluminum, glass, Plexiglass and wood.



Pure Film Dry Mount Adhesive is a heat activated, 100% pure adhesive film that melts when heated and bonds as it cools. VERSAMOUNT remains re-activatable for easy removal or for utilizing a self-trimming technique. Because it is 100% pure adhesive, with no tissue or glassine core, small pieces can be overlapped, patched or pieced together without creating a telltale ridge. With its ability to flow under heat and pressure, VERSAMOUNT is ideally suited to the mounting of fabric (silk, linen, canvas, etc.) and textured artwork, filling in nooks, crannies and voids left empty by conventional dry mount tissues. This ensures an exceptionally strong bond on difficult to mount items. A lower activation temperature (l50F/66C) makes VERSAMOUNT an excellent choice for heat-sensitive materials.



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