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ProEdge Knives & Accessories II


Hobby Awl Pin Point Stylus: 5 3/4" long.  All metal construction with heat treated point for long and durable live. Pro#57050 

List Price   $4.61

framingsupplies.com Price  $2.32

pro57020 IC.jpg (4264 bytes)

Self-Closing Blunt-Pointe Tweezers: 6 1/2"  long   Pro#53380

List Price   $5.97

framingsupplies.com Price   $3.01

pro53380 IC.jpg (3312 bytes)

Slide lock Sharp Pointe Tweezers: 4 3/4"  long  Pro#53350 

List Price   $5.72

framingsupplies.com Price  $2.88 - Price Reduction!

pro53350 IC.jpg (3676 bytes)

Jewelers Screwdriver Set (Pro-12222):

Six all steel screwdrivers.  Philips and standard with swiveling handle cap for stability. All in a pocket size carrying case.     

List Price   $7.21    

framingsupplies.com Price  $3.63


pro12222 IC.jpg (13129 bytes)


Replacement Belts

List Price   $11.02  Your Choice:

5 replacement belts, course 120 grit Pro#53670

framingsupplies.com Price $5.55     

5 replacement belts, medium 240 grit  Pro#53680            

framingsupplies.com Price $5.55     

5 replacement belts, fine 320 grit Pro#53690

framingsupplies.com Price $5.55     


End Nip Pliers:                       Used for cutting soft wire in tight areas.   Pro-77040

Clipper Pliers:                     Also used for cutting soft wire in tight areas.  Pro-77041

Needle Nose Pliers:           Used for bending metals, wire and general tight area work.              Pro-77042           

Flat Nose Pliers:                Used for shaping, bending and forming flat objects.  Pro-77043     

Needle Nose Side Cutting Pliers: Used for bending, pulling, shaping and cutting wire or metal.      Pro-77044

Curved Nose Pliers:       Used for bending, and shaping in tight areas.  Pro-77045

Your Choice:   List Price $10.54


framingsupplies.com Price $5.31


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