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Rulers, Straight Edges & Scales II


 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler   18 inch Transparent handy graph ruler calibrated in 16ths to the inch.  Beveled edges to accommodate work with ink. Zero centering scale. Laminated for durability.
CTR-B85    List Price $3.60 Price $2.75


Flexible Inch/Metric Ruler



Transparent ruler with 16ths to the inch markings on one edge and millimeters numbered in centimeters on the opposite edge. Laminated for durability.

CTR-18 6"  Ruler      List Price $0.65 Price  $0.52

CTR-36 12"  Ruler    List Price $0.95 Price  $0.76


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Rulers

Aluminum Straight Edge ASE  Series - Made from brushed hard instrument grade aluminum. Resists nicking from cutting tools. One edge has 32nds to the inch for the first inch and is in 1/16ths thereafter. The other edge is in millimeters for the first 10cm and centimeters thereafter. Convenient hang hook.

CTR-ASE18"    2x18"     List Price $8.00 Price $5.88
CTR-ASE24"    2x24"     List Price $9.50 Price $6.98


Flexible Cork-Backed Inch/Metric Stainless Steel Rulers

Flexible stainless steel ruler is calibrated in inches and millimeters. Features a rubberized, skid resistant, cork backing and has rounded corners for safety and a hang hole.

CTR-MR6    6"     List Price $2.25 Price $1.85
CTR-MR12 12"    List Price $4.25 Price $3.49 
CTR-MR18 18"    List Price $5.95 Price $4.87
CTR-MR24 24"    List Price $6.75 Price $5.53
CTR-MR36 36"    List Price $10.75 Price $8.80


Professional Triangles The Professional series are crafted of smoke tinted transparent sturdy acrylic that resists scratches and breakage. Features an inking edge and the double bevel cut out center to provide for easy pick up.

Available in a 30/60/90 degree 12" and a 45/45/90 degree 12"

CTR-P39012 30/60/90 12" Triangle    List Price $4.65 Price $3.42
CTR-P45012 45/45/90 12" Triangle    List Price $5.20 Price $3.82


180 Degree Protractor

Molded 6" plastic protractor. 1/2 Degree calibrations continued 10 Degrees below base line. Beveled edge with cutout center.

CTR-M276 6" 180 Degree Protractor List Price $2.00 Price $1.47



Aluminum Calbrated T-Squares

Fixed Head T-Squares

Stainless Steel T-Squares

Wood/Plastic T-Squares


Aluminum Calibrated T-Squares

2" wide blade is constructed from instrument grade aluminum attached to a durable plastic head. One edge is graduated with the 1st inch in 32nds, thereafter in 16ths. The other edge in centimeters. Hang hole.

CTR-AP18 18"    List Price $23.50 Price $17.27
CTR-AP24 24"    List Price $24.50 Price $18.01   
CTR-AP36 36"    List Price $29.50 Price $21.68


Fixed Head T-Squares

Blade is made of transparent plastic for an unhampered view of subject matter. Risers on the blade prevent pencil smudging. Hang hole.

CTR-FH24 24"     List Price $8.00 Price $5.88  


Stainless Steel T-Squares

1-1/2" wide flexible stainless steel blade is .050" thick. Aluminum fixed head. Beveled edges to accommodate pen and pencil use. Hang Hole.

CTR-ST48 48"    List Price $66.00 Price $48.88


Wood/Plastic T-Squares

Smooth finish maple is joined with recessed plastic transparent blades, ideal for inking. Hang hole.

CTR-WH18 18"     List Price $11.75 Price $8.64
CTR-WH24 24"    List Price $13.50 Price $9.92
CTR-WH36 36"    List Price $18.00 Price $13.23


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