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        T-400 Double Mitre Saw

            Mitres wood * Aluminum * Plastic

Fletcher T400 double miter saw

Fletcher is doing some aggresive marketing of this fine line of framing equipment.

T400 $15,995.00


Fletcher T400


Fine Adjustments for Perfect Angles
Head Adjusts for Blade Sharpening Wear
Many Standard Safety Features
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Enclosed for Efficient Dust Evacuation
Smooth and Quiet Operation



Vertical movement Double Mitre Saw with two blades fixed at 45 degree angle. 

The saw is suitable for cutting mitres for picture frames, furniture frames, window and door frames.  The saw is unique because it uses a special pneumatic system of low pressure air springs which support the weight of the motor's blades and brackets.

This feature allows the activating cylinder to move the assembly downward with extreme smoothness during the cutting interval and return quickly after cutting.  Vertical pneumatic clamps hold the molding firmly on the cutting table during the cutting and return cycle.


T-400 Pneumatic Double Mitre Saw PDF

T400 Saw

  • Comfortable two-handed push button operation
  • Fully adjustable mould clamping via push button/foot pedal operation
  • Adjustable blade descent speed for soft or hard wood requirements
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Quick blade change
  • Quick read-out feed measurement and scale support
  • Dual measurement production stops
  • Solid feed-in support table
  • Directional off-cut chute for external waste collection
  • Adaptable with an Auto Gage production feature
  • Cutting Speed: Up to 800 cuts/hour



T400 Fletcher Saw

Safety Features

Lock-Out Main Power Switch *  Dual Actuator Buttons Lower Blades * Emergency Stop Button * Adjustable Lucite Blade Shield Safety Cover * Front Cover Safety Switch (cuts Power If Opened) * Separate Footpedal to Activate Clamping Of Moldings.

Standard Equipment

2 HP 220 volt - 3 Phase Motors * Electronic Controls * Four Pneumatic Hold Down Clamps (2 Each Side-Adjustable) * Totally Enclosed Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet * Vacuum Collection Port 4" * Built-in Chip Chute * Center Chip Support * Staggered Blades *   Adjustable Speed Down-stroke * Adjustable Length of Stroke * 80mm & 110mm Blade Flanges * In-feed Table * Out-feed Table with 52" Measure Gauge and Manual Stop * Extra Flip Stop for Measure Gauge * Built-In reserve Air Tanks in Saw Cabinet * Fine Adjustments for 45 Degree Angle and Blade Wear.


Options Available

Saw Blades - Wood or Non-Ferrous * Measurement Table Extension (Additional 40" to 92" Length) * Mist Lubrication System for Aluminum Moldings * Special Order t-400 Size Saw (400mm Blades Cuts to 4 1/2" Width) * Special Order 440 Volt - 3 Phase Motor.

Cutting Capacity


T-350      110mm Flanges           3 3/16"

                80mm Flanges            3 1/2"

T-400      80mm Flanges             4 1/2"

Height Adjustable to 4" Depending on Width


Standard Motors 2HP, 220 V 60 HZ 3 Phase with Thermal Overload Protection * Minimum Circuit Required 30 Amps * Speed of Motors - Approx. 3300 RPM


Total Height 62" * Cut Table Height 37 1/2" * Total Width 10' 6" (Includes In-feed and Out-feed Tables) * Depth of Cabinet 28" * Approx. Net Shipping Weight 860 Lbs. * Approx. Total Shipping Weight 920 Lbs. (Includes Crate) * Machine Comes Skidded with Protective Wood Frame Crate for Shipping By Truck.

List Price $15,995.00

FramingSupplies Price $14,450



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