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U400 formerly VN 144

U400 Miter-Mite (sold with stand)

List Price: $5,495.00

framingsupplies Price: $4,765.00


U400 Underpinner AMP

The U400 Mitre-Mite has been designed for ease of operation and is particularly well suited for assembling larger frames. This machine comes with a height adjustable base and has a convenient tilt. It can be operated from the front or back and has a dual stage foot pedal which allows the Framer to see if the corner is properly aligned before nailing. After the Framer sets the stops, the hand lever is then used to position the nail head for driving or stacking v-nails anywhere along the frame joint.

Unlimited Nail positions between stops.
Can use 5 sizes of V-Shaped Wedges
Adjusts to fit almost any profile
Fences adjust for hexagon & octagon frames
Hand lever Control
Low Air Consumption-Low Noise
Can be operated from front or back of the machine
Height adjustable base to match your table height. Tilt and roll base. 12 month warranty on the whole machine.

24 month warranty on mechanical parts.

Joining Capacity Machine Dimensions Power Requirements
Width Height Length Width Height Weight
1/4" - 5-1/2" 1/4" - 3-1/4" 23-3/4" 15-1/4" 49-1/4" 198 lbs

Compressed Air 3NI @ 5 Bar

CE Compliant

Specifications Click here to view the Instruction Manual
MACHINE SIZE: Width 15 1/4" / Length 23 3/4" / Height 49 1/4" / Weight 198 lbs.
FRAMING CAPABILITY: Frame Width 1/4" to 5 1/2" / Frame Height 1/4" to 3 1/4" Tilt/Angle fence for custom fit, 4 / 6 / 8 sided frames.
V-NAIL SIZES: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 mm
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Metal extension wings  

List Price $5,495.00 and$4,765.00

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